Classic Cars, Legendary Warbirds and a 1950's Retro Diner just outside Wanaka, NZ.

Trade Section

Warbirds & Wheels Mission Statement

To present in association with the Warbirds Over Wanaka Community Trust, an educational and entertaining family attraction that features a world class exhibit of classic vehicles and ex military aircraft supported by exhibits of quality art, a tribute to local icon Sir Tim Wallis, a souvenir shop and retro diner.



Warbirds & Wheels opened in December 2011 and is one of the largest group visitor attractions in the area and we are fully committed to working closely with wholesalers and in-bounders as we recognise this as the best way to get the reach required to develop a significant market.

We believe with the strong mix of new tourism products at the Wanaka Airport including ourselves, there are excellent opportunities to increase visitor length of stay to beyond two nights.  Currently there is enough tourism products at the airport to take a full day and more are being developed.



We are located 9km from Lake Wanaka on State Highway 6 at the Wanaka Airport, the main highway from the West Coast to Queenstown.  We have plenty of free parking for buses and other vehicles.  Public Transport is available out to the Airport from Wanaka from Alpine Connexions.

Our visitor attraction contains up to 30 beautiful and unique classic and vintage cars, five Warbirds, the Real Art Roadshow showcasing New Zealand artists and the Sir Tim Wallis Story.


Cancellation Policy

No refunds for FIT.  Tour bookings, must receive cancellation notice 24 hrs prior for museum and seven days prior for meals.


Retro Diner

The Diner is proving very popular and is capable of handling large tour groups. Specialty food requirements like vegetarian, gluten free or foreign food is no problem by prior arrangement.  On on-site chef can organise ethnic foods according to customers needs.  We can also cater for functions and Incentive tours.  In 2015, we were awarded the Best Airport Cafe in New Zealand award.


Lake Wanaka

A year round destination set against the pristine alpine backdrop of Mt Aspiring National Park, Lake Wanaka is the perfect setting for an unhurried weekend getaway, an action packed outdoor adventure, a leisurely family holiday and a photographer's dream.