Classic Cars, Legendary Warbirds and a 1950's Retro Diner just outside Wanaka, NZ.

Geezers Dinner


Gathering of Geezers - Warbirds & Wheels Wanaka

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Geezers Dinner - Warbirds and Wheels

For the last two years Warbirds & Wheels in conjunction with the Warbirds Over Wanaka Community Trust has held a gala dinner fundraising for the event and the Upper Clutha Children's Medical Trust.  Last year's Gathering of Geezers fund-raising dinner was held on the 6th November at the Warbirds and Wheels visitor attraction.  The date was chosen to once again co-incide with the big Highlands 101 race meeting at Highlands Motorsport Park in nearby Cromwell.  

The evening was a celebration of motorsport, honouring legends in the industry. Each 'Geezer' sits a table and the Geezers rotate during the evening, chatting to guests throughout the evening. A selection of Geezers regaled the audience throughout the night with tales of tragedy, danger, near misses and hope.

Geezers Dinner 2015 -To be held Thursday 12th November 2015 at Warbirds & Wheels. Select number of "Non-Geezer' tables still available.

The 2015 CHEMZ Gathering of Geezers are:
Graeme Crosby, Graham Standring, Graeme Lawrence, Leo Leonard, Jack Nazer, Mike Marshall, Steve Millen, Warwick Jones, Dennis Marwood, Robert Franicevic, Chris Munro, Bob Clarkson, Jim Richards, Heather Spurle, Paul Fahey, Roger Bertram, Garth Hogan, Bob McMurray, Shane Drake, Owen Evans, Aaron Slight, Donn Anderson, Sandy Myhre, Allan Dick, Garry Pedersen

Motorsport Legends at the Gathering of Geezers


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