Classic Cars, Legendary Warbirds and a 1950's Retro Diner just outside Wanaka, NZ.

Geezers Dinner


Geezers Dinner 2016 - Warbirds & Wheels


Wanaka graced the fifth annual Gathering of Geezers with a classically picturesque afternoon; the perfect to welcome for our 25 Geezers and 250 guests to the Warbirds and Wheels Museum. The evening was all about our 250 guests mingling and hearing first-hand about the tales, triumphs and sometimes disasters of each Geezers career. For those not up with the motorsport lingo, a Geezer is a retired legend of motorsport who has won a major New Zealand title or a world title of motorsport or has made a major contribution to the sport.

Our 25 Geezers this year were Rodger Anderson, Craig Baird, Andy Buchanan, Graeme Crosby, Shane Drake, Owen Evans, Paul Fahey, Steve Horne, P G Knight, Graeme Lawrence, Leo Leonard, Dennis Marwood, Andy McElrea, Bob McMurray, Chris Munro, Greg Murphy, Mike Pero, Tony Quinn, Jim Richards, Garry Running, Aaron Slight, Heather Spurle, Graham Standring, Tony Teesdale and Regan Williamson.

This year the evening was kicked off with our keynote speaker Tony Quinn giving us an insight into his earlier life and what it was like to find his passion only to give up on it but surely return to it later in his life. The evening was run with a sports café-style theme, where three panels of three Geezers were hit with the interesting sometimes tough questions by our MC Stephen McIvor from Sky Sports Sky Speed. The panels were divided up in 3 categories, the first, Motorcycles hearing from Graeme Crosby, Aaron Slight and Mike Pero. The second panel was Supercars hearing from Jim Richards, Greg Murphy and Craig Baird. The last panel of the night was all about International Motorsport hearing from Heather Spurle, Steve Horne and Graham Standring.

As it came to the end of the night the charity auction got under way raising an astonishing $24,750 for the two charities involved. Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust and Warbirds Over Wanaka Community Trust. A great atmosphere created by the interaction of Geezers and our guests and the phenomenal support and enthusiasm towards our charity auction made for a fantastic night for all.

Back Row: Graeme Lawrence, Andy Buchanan, Regan Williamson, Chris Munro, Garry Running, Tony Teesdale, Bob McMurray, Jim Richards, Steve Horne.

Middle Row: Mike Pero, Aaron Slight, Craig Baird, Greg Murphy, Leo Leonard, Tony Quinn & John Berry (Chemz)

Front Row: Dennis Marwood, Rodger Anderson, Heather Spurle, Shane Drake, Andy McElrea, Graham Standring, Paul Fahey, Graeme Crosby and Owen Evans.