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Fighter Ace Wall & Roll of Honour Wall

NZ Fighter Ace Wall Wanaka Museum


Two display at Warbirds & Wheels are dedicated to the Pilots of World War I & World War II, and we welcome any email enquiries regarding any names on this wall.

Roll of Honour Wall

Commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by nearly 800 New Zealand Pilots, Air-gunners and Navigators who flew fighter aircraft during the World Wars of 1914 - 1918 and 1939-1945.


Fighter Ace Wall

This wall displays biographies of 15 World War I Fighter Aces and 80 World War II Fighter Aces.  The term Fighter Ace is generally held to mean a pilot who has scored at least five victories in air-to-air combat.  In the case of night fighter and multi-seat day fighter aircraft, the navigator/radar operator, without whose assistance the pilot could not have reached his total, is named where possible.

While the tribute highlights the Aces, it does not seek to sensationalise their achievements.  There were many fine pilots who for reasons of circumstance or opportunity were unable to build up ace scores.


First Name


WORLD WAR I                  

Captain Ronald Burns BANNERMAN
Captain Harold Francis                                   
Major Keith Logan CALDWELL
Captain Clive Franklyn COLLETT
Major Arthur CONINGHAM
Flight Lieutenant Thomas Grey CULLING
Captain Euan DICKSON
Captain Herbert Frank Stacey DREWITT
Lieutenant Frederick Stanley GORDON
Major Forster Martin MAYNARD
Captain Malcolm Charles MCGREGOR
Major Keith Rodney PARK
Lieutenant Carrick Stewart PAUL
Lieutenant Colonel Alan John Lance SCOTT
Captain Herbert Gillis WATSON


Squadron Leader Robert Hamish BALFOUR
Wing Commander Minden Vaughan BLAKE
Squadron Leader Allen Edward BROWNE
Squadron Leader Stanley Franklin BROWNE
Squadron Leader                               
Charles Roy BUSH
Flight Lieutenant Brian John George CARBURY
Squadron Leader Donald CARLSON
Squadron Leader Hansford Ward CHAMBERS
Wing Commander John Milne CHECKETTS
Wing Commander Wilfrid Greville CLOUSTON
Flight Lieutenant Basil COLLYNS
Air Vice Marshall William Vernon CRAWFORD-COMPTON
Air Commodore Alan Christopher DEERE
Pilot Officer Antonio Simmons DINI
Pilot Officer Eric Steele DOHERTY
Flying Officer Geoffrey Bryson FISKEN
Wing Commander Thomas Bernard FITZGERALD
Squadron Leader John Albert Axel GIBSON
Wing Commander Reginald Joseph Cowan GRANT
Group Captain Colin Falkland GRANT
Flight Lieutenant Peter Francis Locker HALL
Wing Commander Owen Leslie HARDY
Squadron Leader James Chilton Francis HAYTER
Flight Lieutenant Michael James HERRICK
Squadron Leader Raymond Brown HESSYLYN
Pilot Officer Howard Perry HILL
Pilot Officer William Henry HODGSON
Squadron Leader John Arthur HOULTON
Squadron Leader Reginald Jack HYDE
Squadron Leader Mervyn Robert Bruce INGRAM
Flight Lieutenant George Esmond JAMESON
Air Commodore Patrick Geraint JAMESON
Squadron Leader Ernest Leslie JOYCE
Squadron Leader Ivon JULIAN
Flying Officer Edgar James KAIN
Squadron Leader John Rutherford Clark KILIAN
Squadron Leader Keith Ashley LAWRENCE
Squadron Leader Roy Emile LE LONG
Flight Lieutenant David Franklin LIVINGSTONE
Flight Lieutenant Harold Watson LONGLEY
Squadron Leader John Noble MACKENZIE
Wing Commander Russell Merriman MACKENZIE
Wing Commander Evan Dall MACKIE
Wing Commander Camille Enright MALFROY
Air Marshall Sir Hector Douglas MCGREGOR
Flight Lieutenant Leighton John MONTGOMERIE
Squadron Leader Francis MURPHY
Wing Commander Percival Guy Haig NEWTON
Flight Lieutenant Harold Leslie NORTH
Pilot Officer Nigel Manfred PARK
Flight Lieutenant Alan McGregor PEART
Wing Commander John Howard PLAYER
Squadron Leader Paul Watling RABONE
Flight Lieutenant John Donald RAE
Flight Lieutenant Douglas Nevill ROBINSON
Wing Commander Warren Edward SCHRADER
Group Captain Desmond James SCOTT
Squadron Leader Cornelius James SHEDDAN
Group Captain Irving Stanley SMITH
Squadron Leader Robert Lawrence SPURDLE
Flight Lieutenant John Harry STAFFORD
Flight Lieutenant Gray STENBORG
Flight Lieutenant Kenneth William STEWART
Air Vice Marshall William Hector STRATTON
Squadron Leader Harvey Nelson SWEETMAN
Flight Lieutenant Kenneth William TAIT
Squadron Leader Keith Granville TAYLOR-CANNON
Flight Lieutenant Owen Vincent TRACEY
Wing Commander Richard Macklow TROUSDALE
Squadron Leader Arthur Ernest UMBERS
Squadron Leader Victor Bosanquet Strachan VERITY
Squadron Leader Derek Harland WARD
Wing Commander Edward Preston WELLS
Squadron Leader Jeffery George WEST
Squadron Leader Derrick Fitzgerald WESTENRA
Group Captain Eric William WHITLEY
Squadron Leader Gordon Albert WILLIAMS
Squadron Leader John Edwin Ashley WILLIAMS
Flying Officer Brian Wallace WOODMAN
Wing Commander Robert Duncan YULE